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Leathers > shiny

Shiny calf leather, finished in aniline at the tannery stage. It has a remarkable fullness of black (or colour of choice) and a complete absence of veins and wrinkles.
Highly suitable for elegant footwear, wedding shoes or dress shoes for your special days.
This material presents a medium hardness due to the leather treatment.

Leather > polished

Brush off calf leather, this classic calfskin has a great lustre thanks to aniline treatment and a firm grain, which prevents ageing. The leather is covered with contrasting black brush-off, which is removed by the artisan through brushing in order to bring out the underlying colour. Suitable for elegant and semi-casual shoes.
This polished material presents a higher hardness due to the treatments to cover the leather with a microfilm, thus resulting in a slightly less comfortable material compared to others, but you know: “no pain, no gain!”

Leathers > decò

Hand decoloured calf leather, this natural calf shows a neutral leather colour with a pure aniline finish, and is buffed by hand. This allows a high degree of customisation for antiquing-effects, which are uniform on the vamp and not mechanical. Can be worked with cream or wire brush to achieve an antiqued effect or a natural shine. Normal hardness, perfect for shoes that go from casual to sophisticated depending on the colour you choose; but this material always has that elegant hint thanks to its artisanal hand finishing. Especially conceived for vintage shoes true lovers and conoisseurs, passionate for craftsmanship.

Leathers > calf

Classic full grain natural calf leather, drum-dyed, with pure aniline finish, extremely soft and resistant.
Perfect for formal shoes and everyday ones as well. Black calf is the most used for business footwear.

Leathers > suede

Sueded leather is used in shoemaking as it is soft with a high compactness of fibre and good water resistance.
Best if used with spring, summer everyday shoes, for a colourful and fresh look.

Leathers > pebble grain

Hammered calf leather, with the classic pebble grain pattern.
It is preferred for casual shoes customisation or to give an interesting twist to a formal shoe, if used for details. Resistant and compact, medium hardness. Usually used for autumn and winter footwear.

Leathers > crocodile

Calf leather printed in crocodile pattern. That exotic and bold look for real conoisseurs.
High quality, resistant and shiny.
Highly recommended for dress shoes or weddings.
It will surely make you stand out.

Leathers > animalier hair

Printed calf leather. Different hair patterns and colours to reproduce animals as cheeta, zebra, and so on. Suggested for daring and edgy styles, for those who have wild feet to tame with the most exclusive pair of shoes.

Leathers > pattern

Printed calf leather with various patterns, bringing to life creative styles, over the top.
Dare to create an original piece, or just play with this material to add some spice to classic styles.
Unleash your fantasy, design elegant dress shoes, chic formal ones and prepared to be admired.

Leathers > denim

Dis meets Rifle, the Italian brand who made denim history in 1958, to create a dialogue between history and innovation. High quality denim fabric, resistant and tear-proof.
A fusion showing vintage influence and love for contrasting combinations.
Textile and leather blend together to create a sensorial patchwork, re-inventing classic styles and matches perfectly with our luxury sneakers.


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