Here are some simple tips for taking care of your shoes:
  • A new pair of shoes should not be worn for a whole day, but just for a few hours, until the foot has become accustomed to the fit.
  • Never wear the same pair of shoes for two consecutive days, but instead ‘let the shoes rest’. This will allow accumulated moisture to escape, preventing the formation of bad odours.
  • Use a shoe tree! Always keep your DIS shoes in wooden lasts to prevent the formation of creases on the upper.
  • Use a shoehorn every time you put your shoes on, to avoid altering the shape of the back or marking it.
  • If possible, clean your shoes every day. After removing the dust, use a cotton cloth, making circular motions, to remove any stains and repeat this process until the cloth is clean in order to get a perfect result. When needed, apply a small layer of wax-based polish in the same colour as the shoe and brush vigorously, then remove the excess polish with a clean cloth.
  • Please remember to use a suitable brush for each type of leather and to always brush the upper in the same direction. For suede use a crepe or rubber brush. For smooth calfskin and other leathers, use a horsehair brush.

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