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Be yourself. Fall in love with difference and uniqueness.
Take part in the change: make conscious and sustainable choices.
The past is used to build the future. Study, experiment, innovate.
We are with you, step by step. We turn your ideas into reality.


Everyone can find themselves with DIS.
We have created a collection of models, fits, sizes, materials and colors as wide as possible, where anyone can feel like a designer, protagonist of a journey of self-expression to discover their own personality through fashion.

Fashion connects

Fashion brings us closer, stimulates discussions and always offers new ideas.
It is sharing between those who created it, and feel it is their own, and those who look at it with admiration. Get inspired, create something of your own, seasonless and timeless. Feel free to be yourself, experiment and find your style.


Fall in love with difference, uniqueness, people, places, scents.
We already are. Our job is our passion. Our land, the Marche, is the cradle of quality footwear, of their stories, traditions, of the women and men who work them. This is why we produce everything here, in a short supply chain, reducing emissions and enhancing our territory.

Study, experiment, innovate

Never stop. Always improve.
We have revolutionized an ancient profession with new technologies, because learning from the past is essential to build the future. Thanks to the 3D configurator and augmented reality you will have an unprecedented creative experience.


Become a co-creator, cognizant of determining not only fashion trends with your choices, but also the impact it has on the environment around us. We commit fully, offering a made-to-order service without waste and overproduction, based on the quality of the materials and their sustainability. We add value to the earth's resources and take care to give them back. Create without destroying, be aware of your choices. Just a touch, yours.