Customize your DIS shoes with Vibram soles

Customize your DIS shoes with Vibram soles: DIS - Design Italian Shoe, leading brand for premium custom shoes, always chooses the best for its customers. This is why DIS has chosen Vibram, leading rubber soles manufacturer, known worldwide to ensure maximum comfort and grip in all situations.

Vibram’s innovative materials and cutting-edge solutions aimed to increasingly light and performing soles blend with DIS manufacturing tradition and know-how handed down from generation to generation, aimed to handcraft contemporary footwear with timeless charm. Create your perfect shoe, choose every detail: model, leather, color laces and eyelets and make it fit your needs with the Vibram sole that best suits your use.

    A sole entirely made from Vibram rubber, the best on the market: it is very light and offers outstanding insulating and non-slip properties, allowing wearers to comfortably walk on any surface.


    A very light sole made entirely of Vibram rubber with outstanding insulating and non-slip properties, designed for comfortable walking on any surface. The ‘studded’ design guarantees comfort and grip in all conditions and makes the sole easy to clean.


    This Vibram rubber sole is perfect for winter; the EVA outsole makes it very light and guarantees foot insulation. The ‘clipper’ bottom provides grip on even the most difficult surfaces, while the Norwegian welt ensures strength and water resistance.


    Crafted with innovative technology that makes it very light, it is waterproof and extraordinarily resistant to wear. Available in five different colours to perfectly interpret your style.

DIS and Vibram look to the future by placing product innovation at the core of their creative process. Thanks to the soles designed by Vibram, DIS presents at MICAM 88 a special capsule collection where the ancient craft tradition made of top quality leathers and handcraftmanship blends with technical materials, lightness and technological innovation. The result is a unique and contemporary product that can be completely customized.

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