Customized Sneakers

DIS allows you to create your own custom sneakers in every detail.

Choose the model of sneakers, low sneakers, sneaker boot, sneaker or loafer sneaker. You can apply any pattern, image, color and add every single detail to make your unique customized and inimitable sneakers. Our craftsmen will produce your sneakers especially for you according to your requirements. You can count on the highest quality materials, all Made in Italy certified.

With your customized sneakers you complete your sportswear style and create the best matches with your personality. Once you choose the base model, you can configure via the app on your tablet, the right fit, by scanning directly your foot. Continue choosing among the various tissues and customizations available in the app. There are endless possibilities of combinations at your disposal. Select the DIS customized sneakers to express your style and your personality.

Custom sneakers are based on quality and innovation, guaranteed by expert hands and the unique nature of the final product. Do not miss the opportunity to bring to your feet customized sneakers that are synonymous with luxury, elegance and style. Create your own custom shoes perfect for any occasion, comfortable and incomparable. Perfect your daily routine the custom sneakers allow you to have a unique and unmistakable class.

Here are some customized shoes by our designers

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