Custom casual shoes made to measure

DIS believes that products should be built to last and reflect everyone's unique personality. Thanks to DIS 3D configurator, you can express yourself, design your own shoe and get it handcrafted in Italy in just 10 days. Customize your casual shoes, choose from over hundreds of models and colors of the new DIS business collection. Low Sneakers, High Sneakers, Casual Boots and more. Create your made to measure casual shoes, make it unique in every detail. Make sure to design something matching your weekend outfit, pick the right style and color for your shoes! You can also create a custom belt matching with your shoes, with same leathers and colours. All DIS casual shoes and belts are handcrafted, 100% Made in Italy, tailored exclusively for the customer.

casual custom shoes made to measure

Step into casual styles, casual shoes made to measure

Choosing the ideal man shoe fo a smart-casual look or for a relaxing weekend is easier than ever thanks to DIS 3D configurator.

casual shoes made to measure

Customized men's shoes to be different

The DIS customized shoes are also ideal for those who want to create shoes with unconventional patterns, colors and prints that are difficult to find in the classic shoe stores. Animal-print patterns, silver and gold combos, shiny colors, funny patterns are waiting to be matched!

customized shoes to be different

designed by you handcrafted in italy


Take the First Step. Create something unique and made well. Create your custom shoe, make it unique.
Engrave your name, an important date or your initials! Each inscription is made by hand by our Italian master crafters in Italy.

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